COURSE 5 "Business processes in Bitrix24 (for administrators)"

This is an online course.
Price $295
8 hours, 2 days 
Up to 13 people in a group.
You can order corporate training for your employees and get special price.
Upon the completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

Business processes are any actions that have the same sequence of steps, i.e. performed by a specific algorithm. The examples of simple business processes are handling a business trip, an incoming invoice or a request for stationery. More complicated algorithms are possible too, for example, project management, sales pattern creation, recruitment etc. Bitrix24 offers ready-to-use examples. What is especially valuable is that you can create your own algorithms and automate business processes of any complexity in your company. A special business process designer is aimed for that purpose, making the creation of a business process a Lego for coders. The designer has a set of prepared actions, which can be dragged around to make chains of any length and complexity. Such a chain is called a business process template. With "Bitrix24 business processes" course you will learn to create your own templates without coding.

1. Create tasks, schedule meetings, upload files, create discussions right from the home page of Bitrix24;
2. Manage tasks: create subtasks, linked tasks, reports, task reminders, work with Gantt chart, customize kanban;
3. Work with calendar: create new meetings and calendars, invite your colleagues to meetings, control access to your calendars and events;
4. Manage projects and work groups: create projects, invite colleagues, customize kanban for the project;
5. Arrange meetings and briefings invite participants, create agenda, keep records, assign tasks;
6. Business processes: learn how to work with business processes, react to the tasks, create business processes and monitor results.


1. The ability to think logically and create algorithms
2. Know your company's business processes
3. Have a general idea of Bitrix24